Retort Accessories

To complement our versatile machine offerings, STOCK offers critical accessory components for food processors. From the actual food containers and critical lubrication products to product baskets, tray, divider sheets, and carts, STOCK is committed to providing a complete package for processors of all sizes. We focus only on Retort Room equipment and strive to leverage our experience to be your turn key partner.

STOCK America provides retort accessories to ensure that all retorting machinery is up-to-date, efficient, and precise in each application. Retort accessories include:

  • Retort Baskets, Trolleys, Divider Sheets, & Trays
  • Kluber Grease
  • STOCK Packaging

With any inquiries and to learn more about the retort, in-container sterilization solutions from STOCK and the retort accessories, contact us today.

STOCK offers a variety of retort product baskets and heavy-duty Carts for manual or semi-automatic systems.

Known worldwide for providing the highest quality lubrication products, STOCK is a distribution partner with Kluber to offer specific products that perform in the harsh retort environment, or throughout the entire plant.

STOCK offers a wide variety of food packaging and lid options to provide processors with an economic alternative for purchasing food packages with no minimum orders.