Sweep Type Loader/Unloader

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Provided are two modules, one for loading and the second for unloading. In our basic execution, the basket is manually manipulated into a receiver over a lift which raises the basket bottom to the elevation of the incoming container. The operator then presses a release button, and the containers sweep automatically to fill one layer of product in the basket. The operator inserts a layerpad and the process is repeated until the basket is full. This application runs at the speed at which the operator can manually manipulate the baskets and layerpads in to and out of the loader and the unloader.

There are Four Series of the loader/unloader to choose from. Beginning with the L1, which consist of a simple lift mechanism which forms a matrix of containers to match the basket profile, raises or lowers to the operating level of the basket making the transfer of the container to and from the basket less of a manual intensive operation.

The L2 loader/unloader system forms the container matrix and automatically sweeps the matrix in and out of the basket. The operator is responsible for advancing the operation of the system and inserting or removing a layerpad.

The L3 application performs the operations above as well as inserting and removing the layerpads.

The L4 system connects the loader and unloader creating a fully automatic application capable of operating continuously at 4 sweeps per minute.

The execution of the platform is in 304 Stainless Steel. The loader/unloader application is Allen/Bradley PLC driven. Custom layouts are available.

Sweep Type Loader/Unloader Features
  • Container positioning repeatability versus manually loaded crates
  • Manually placed Divider Sheets (Slip-Sheets)
  • Hydraulic Scissor Lift for layer positioning
  • 304 Stainless Steel frame construction
  • 2.5 sweeps per minute