Gantry/Robotic Loader/Unloader (Flexible Containers)

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The Automated Flexible Container Loaders and Unloaders stage products on an integrated infeed system for robotic or gantry style Vacuum Pick and Place operation. Using Allen Bradley servos for gantry style, or Fanuc for Robotics, this product is used primarily for pouch, cup, and bowl lines. Tray stacking, de-stacking and tipping are also integral parts of this automated tray handling system. Learn more about our flexible retort packaging solutions by contacting us.

Gantry/Robotic Loader Unloader Features
  • Fanuc Robotics integrated with Allen Bradley PLC controls platform
  • Modules include Stackers, De-Stackers, Tippers and Tray Transport Conveyors to interface with the robotic or gantry systems
  • Fast End of arm tool changeovers for multiple containers
  • Tray squaring station registers each tray for accurate picks
  • Tray stripping device ensures that trays do not stick together
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction and washdown duty
  • Single Filing options available at the Unload station