Basket Tracking Option

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STOCK™ has engineered and implemented a Basket Tracking System (BTS) which allows integration into a stand-alone material handling system. BTS, running in real-time, validates each transition point of either the basket or tray cube. This application can be utilized with either a fully automated material handling system or basic loader/unloader. With either configuration, STOCK’s basket tracking system will create a point-to-point road map of where the contained product (basket/cube) has been along with a timestamp between those points. Each basket or pallet bottom is outfitted with a QR tag, and a laser cut stainless steel number corresponding with the QR tag. Position monitoring and time stamping is logged when:

  • A basket enters the loader; the system reads the basket and the time the operation (loading) starts.

  • The loaded basket departs the loader, the system reads departure time, and the time of arrival at the sterilizer.

  • The basket departs the sterilizer; the process time is logged and verifies the process time was achieved.

  • The basket enters the unloader from the retort. STOCK’s™ Basket Tracking System can be applied to basic loading/unloading applications.

This intelligent basket tracking application provides documentation of every move made by your product in the unsterilized and sterilized state of the process. The position of unsterilized product and documentation proving it did travel through the sterilization process for the specific time required based on its recipe is paramount for the successful operation of any sterilization system at any level of automation. This application can be fully validated under 21 CFR Part 11 protocol.

Basket Tracking Option Features
  • Eliminates Retort Product Bypass
  • 2D etched Stainless Steel basket tags
  • Hand-held or permanently mounted vision system
  • Basket Tracking Recordkeeping logged by host computer
  • Basket Tags also have laser cut numbers for additional verification