R&D Pilot Continuous Retort

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The HYDROLOCK pilot retort can be configured for static operation or continuous agitation and provides for a flexible, continuous operation with minimal labor requirements for a wide variety of container types. Process simulation sensory evaluation with container integrity validation can be accomplished in the HYDROLOCK continuous pilot retort. All data is directly transferable to the HYDROLOCK full size production unit.

Continuous retorts are designed to achieve high volumes for any given container or product.

The HYDROLOCK design provides high-quality, energy-efficient continuous sterilization solutions by utilizing:

  • Recipe development or consumer pilot testing
  • Process Modes: Steam Air, Saturated Steam, Steam Water Spray Retort, and Water Immersion
  • Flexible control system for recipe creation
  • Continuous or discontinuous modes
  • Holders and Tubes available for: Flexible Pouches, Bowls, Trays, Glass, HDPE Bottles, and Metal Cans

Recipe validation or consumer testing

Up to 60 products at a time


  • Steam Air
  • Saturated Steam
  • Water Spray Water Immersion

Continuous or Discontinuous Modes

  • Hot water spray pre-heating
  • Pasteurization for temperatures from 80ºF to 212ºF
  • Sterilization with saturated steam, steam-air mixture, superheated water spraying or superheated water immersion for temperatures from 212ºF to 289ºF
  • Pressure cooling
  • Atmospheric pressure cooling

Flexible control system for recipe creation

  • Automated Mode
  • “Step by Step” Mode
  • Industrial Mode

Holders and tubes suitable for a variety of packaging includes

  • Flexible Pouches
  • Bowls
  • Trays
  • Glass
  • HDPE Bottles
  • Metal Cans