Production Retort Solutions: Batch, Continuous, & Material Handling Systems & Water Immersion Retorts

Browse through our library of videos to see examples of our batch and continuous sterilization solutions along with material handling solutions suited for the small to medium sized processors that do not require a totally automated high-speed line. Our semi-auto solutions are upgradeable so that STOCK can support processors as their business grows.

Our batch and continuous solutions are capable of processing all types of containers and can be provided in both static and agitating modes to afford our customers with very flexible assets to handle both present and future shelf stable requirements in a very dynamic packaging market.

STOCK America offers a wide range of retort room automation solutions including:

  • Batch Retorts
  • Continuous Retort
  • Pilot & Lab Retorts
  • Retort Accessories

With any inquiries and to learn more about the retort and in-container solutions, browse through these videos and contact STOCK America today.

STOCK America is a leading supplier of technology, equipment, systems, and services to the global food processing industry. Founded in the US in 1975 from parent company Hermann Stock Maschinenfabrik as a dedicated resource to food preservation technologies.

STOCK has served the global food processing industry for decades and has a strong reputation around the world with the largest installed base of innovative batch sterilization equipment and process solutions.

For customers in need of a turn-key Continuous Sterilization solution, The Hydrolock brand provides a product line that incorporates material handling and sterilization in one totally automated footprint coupled with a best in class energy efficient process.

With over 40 years of Continuous Sterilizer installations in the food and pharmaceutical industries, Hydrolock has a vast knowledge and experience with numerous products and containers to assist customers in all applications.

Discover how Nitro Joe massively expanded their production and increased their packaging efficiency with STOCK's sterilization systems.

ImmersaFlow™ provides increased throughput, better and more consistent product quality, and reduction of energy consumption over traditional static cascade or water immersion retorts.

View our Hydrolock Continuous Retort, a powerfully capable development in product sterilization machinery designed to work with a wide range of packaging types.

View an in depth animation and feature overview of the Immersaflow batch retort's sterilization process.