Hydrolock Continuous Sterilizers - Retort Sterilization

Stock America has the unique option of offering Continuous Sterilization technology through our valued distribution partnership with Hydrolock out of France.

With over 40 years of Continuous Sterilizer installations in the food and pharmaceutical industries, Hydrolock has a vast knowledge and experience with numerous products and containers to assist customers in all applications.

For customers in need of a turn-key Continuous Sterilization solution, The Hydrolock brand provides a product line that incorporates material handling and sterilization in one totally automated footprint coupled with a best in class energy efficient process.

Their unique product carrier system offers a changeover option for multiple container types and carrier geometries to optimize capacity and efficiency to provide maximum flexibility.

Hydrolock’s custom approach to each project offers static and agitation of products along with an overpressure option for flexible and semi-rigid containers to cover the wide array of containers in today’s market.