STOCK America Pilot Plant Product Development & Testing

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STOCK America offers use of our high-tech laboratory R&D Retort, located at our Raleigh, NC Technical Support Facility.

Our Pilot Lab Retort is multi-functional capable of steam, steam water spray, immersion, and steam-air processing methods. Agitation control can be executed in static, end-over-end, oscillating, and incremental motion. Metal cans, plastic bottles & cups, pouches, trays, glass jars, and double-seam film and foil closures can all be processed.

Equipped with a Rotary CALPlex datalogger, Ecklund wired thermocouples, and connected to a dedicated PC running CALSoft™, our system allows for data collection and viewing in real-time. This system provides methods for conducting heat penetration and temperature distribution testing of shelf-stable Low Acid Canned Foods (LACF) and shelf stable beverages.

Product Development & Testing Features & Benefits
  • Optimization of your process achieves the best possible results for Food Safety and Quality
  • With so many variables to consider, such as time, temperature, agitation, heating medium Etc., working with our Pilot Retort and group of professionals, affords Faster Time-To-Market
  • Our ICON SCADA control system provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and offers Recipe driven configuration, process data collection and trending, and FDA/USDA accepted batch reporting
  • Process Authority Services are available to assist with FDA/USDA regulations and process filings
  • Small run Pilot Plant Trials can allow for sensory testing and market studies