High Speed Automated Product Handling & Sterilization

For completely automated lines STOCK continues to provide turnkey solutions for all types of containers in both batch and continuous applications. These systems require minimal operator intervention and produce high speed throughputs at a high rate of efficiency. Our full retort room solutions are available for all types of retorted containers integrated.

The STOCK retort room solutions are validated by our validated ICON control system including:

  • Electronic process record keeping
  • Basket tracking
  • Food safety

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For Automated Retort Rooms, the retorts are designed to completely integrate with the material handling components.

Automated Product Delivery Systems provide operator free retort loading and unloading at high production rates by traversing across the floor in front of a bank of retorts to load and unload product.

The Automated Loaders and Unloaders incorporate all the features to provide the fastest sweep speeds for rigid containers in the market within a very robust stainless-steel frame controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC and Color Touchscreen.

The Automated Flexible Container Loaders and Unloaders stage products on an integrated infeed system for robotic or gantry style Vacuum Pick and Place operation.

The link between the Loader/Unloader and Retort Crate Delivery is the crate conveyor network.