Gantry Type Loader/Unloader

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The STOCK gantry style pick and place loader/unloader reduces the labor-intensive tasks of stacking and unstacking heavy trays to and from the retorts. It dramatically reduces injury risk, eliminates damage to the trays and improves efficiency. At an affordable price point for low to medium speed lines, this small footprint solution is a perfect fit for all size pouches, bowls, and tubs. This basic system utilizes manual labor to load and unload containers into and out of the trays. An automated add-on gantry can be designed and attached to the based product to automatically load and unload the containers.

Gantry Type Loader/Unloader Features
  • Eliminates multiple operators required to place products into trays
  • Automatically stacks and De-stacks trays
  • PLC Controlled with color touchscreen interface
  • 304 Stainless Steel frame construction
  • Gantry Style X-Y-Z container Pick and Place