Retort Controls

STOCK provides high quality retort controls for a wide range of applications. These machines are efficient to create automated solutions for higher throughput and maximum precision. We have continuously evolved and invested in the ICON to keep it the most flexible, durable and comprehensive control system on the market.

The ICON is STOCK’s award-winning control and data acquisition system for:

  • Control and monitoring sterilization systems
  • Related equipment
  • General thermal processes

For more information about our capabilities and entry-level product handling machinery, please click on the relevant link on this page or contact us today to speak with a STOCK America representative.

The ICON is a state of the art control and data acquisition system for control and monitoring sterilization systems, related equipment and general thermal processes.

Over the years and at customer request, STOCK has implemented and included many different features to add on to our ICON SCADA control system. We have taken the most requested features and bundled them into software modules. These modules can be added to existing ICON, included with a control system upgrade, or delivered along with new equipment.