Steam Water Spray Retorts

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For horizontally oriented, flexible, and semi-rigid containers, the steam water spray retort process has been a mainstay in the North American market. Available in both static and rocking configurations, the steam water spray retort provides a very flexible overpressure process with outstanding repeatability and rapid heating profiles for your batch sterilization & pouch retort needs.

Energy efficiency is created using a minimal amount of reusable water in a small reservoir. This water is circulated into an array of strategically spaced manifolds and nozzles. Process water exits the nozzles in a circular pattern creating droplets. Raw steam contacts the droplets creating the best possible level of heat transfer across the entire length of the shell.

Cooling is accomplished with a plate and frame heat exchanger. Water used for sterilization in steam water spray retorts is ported through the heat exchanger with a cooling source on the other side of the heat exchanger. This design allows for sterile water to contact the product, separating cooling water with the heat exchanger. Sterile cooling eliminates the need for any additional chlorine in the batch sterilization process.

STOCK has designed a new customized Steam Water Retort to our product portfolio. Focusing on features and benefits that ensures the highest level of food safety to meet or exceed regulatory requirements, this new product is a great fit for static and agitating overpressure processes very commonly used for pouches & pouch retort processes.