Kluber Lubrication Distribution

STOCK America Inc. is a proud partner and distributor for Kluber Lubrication North America. The distributorship is due to a new policy instituted by Kluber Lubrication requiring minimum order quantities of one case per order. STOCK America does not have a minimum order quantity. All items are available through us at the same, or in most cases, below manufacturer prices.

Do not hesitate to contact STOCK regarding your grease product needs. You do not have to be a current STOCK America customer in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

We offer same or next day service for all stocked Kluber products. Any non-stocked items are offered with a turnaround of 5 business days, depending on manufacturer’s availability.

Email Donette Lambert at: DonetteL@StockAmerica.com or call 262.375.4100.