Material Handling System Loader / Unloader

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STOCK America is pleased to announce our new product offering. Based on several request, an entry level Semi-Automatic Material Handling System designed to eliminate the heavy workload of physically lifting trays. Our primary focus was simplicity, durability, and affordability. Several processing facilities require tray handling assistance, but simply cannot commit to the luxury of FULL AUTOMATION. This application provides a stepping stone modular entry into basic automation. Additional gantry style or robotic pick and place modules can be added to “place and remove” container “to and from” the center conveyor (on and off the tray).

Assume starting with a Sterilized Cube of Trays:

  • Operator manually moves the trolley, with processed tray cube, from Retort to the receiver of the tray destacker.
  • Machine indexes and lifts the cube of trays off the trolley and keeps the pallet bottom with the trolley.
  • With the tray cube suspended, a gantry system picks and places an individual tray onto an operator conveyor. This conveyor can be any length to accommodate multiple personnel and can be powered or non-powered.
  • The length and configuration of the conveyor is dictated by physical plant layout as well as entry and exit points of the product in and out flow.
  • An Operator will manually pick and place the containers from the full tray to a “take away” conveyor (plant supplied and positioned).
  • The empty tray will advance under a clear Lexan or SS wall to ensure separation of sterilized and non-sterilized product.
  • The empty tray is now manually loaded by operators with unsterilized container.
  • The tray can be advanced by a powered conveyor or pushed by human intervention into the re-stack module.The trays are stacked back into a cube and are suspended and indexed awaiting a trolley/pallet bottom to be placed under the load.
  • Once confirmation load is ready, the system will place the full cube of trays on the trolley and an operator will remove and relocate (the stacked unprocessed tray cube) to the sterilizer for processing.